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Litigation & Case Management

Our litigation practice is expressly designed to serve Japanese companies involved in litigation and regulatory investigations in the United States. Our practice group includes a network of experts in partner law firms with collective expertise and experience in every major area encountered by Japanese companies in U.S. courts. Our Japan based attorneys work seamlessly with U.S. based counsel to ensure constant availability and precise, timely communication with our clients.

Our key practice areas include:

  • Antitrust   

  • Intellectual Property Litigation

  • Products Liability

  • Securities Fraud & White-Collar Crime

  • SEC and DOJ Regulatory Enforcement

  • Contract Disputes

  • Trade Secrets

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Cases


Comprehensive Case Management

Cross-border litigation typically involves a multifaceted legal solution, requiring the assistance of multiple firms and specialists from different jurisdictions.  Our case management service provides a comprehensive administrative solution, from initial risk assessments and case planning, to retention and management of specialized counsel. We engage an extensive network of specialist attorneys from large and small law firms throughout the U.S. Our aim is to provide the most talented and capable attorneys available, while avoiding many of the significant ancillary costs typically incurred in cross-border matters.

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