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Legal Procurement

Managing legal resources and expenses can be a difficult task, particularly for matters arising in another country. Selecting the proper law firm is critical to ensuring the success of operations abroad and the terms on which a firm is engaged is just as important as the firm chosen. In instances where a client requires legal assistance outside our area of expertise, we assist in finding the right law firm for their needs, negotiating favorable pricing, and monitoring the firm's services to ensure efficiency.

Our procurement process begins with an assessment of a company’s legal needs and budget. We then conduct a review of eligible law firms that possess the ideal match of expertise and attributes for the work prescribed. In forming our recommendations, we carefully consider each firm's capabilities, accomplishments, reputation, communication skills, and their level of interest in securing your business. We then analyse cost effectiveness through price and efficiency comparisons of each firm against competing firms and industry benchmarks.

Factors we consider in formulating our recommendations:

  • Track record with the relevant service

  • Experience in forum / jurisdiction 

  • Client testimonials on general service, cost, efficiency

  • Average timing of completion for related matters

  • Average team size

  • Corollary expertise in relevant area (sciences, finance, etc.)

  • Quality of initial assessment

  • Flexibility of service model and fee structure

  • Availability of partners and senior associates

  • Priority of new business for the firm

  • Compatibility with cross cultural issues

  • Approach to expenses

We evaluate law firms of all sizes and price ranges to determine the ideal match for our clients.  We may recommend smaller firms with lower prices for isolated tasks, while large multidimensional projects typically require larger firms with greater resources. In many instances, we work in cooperation with the selected firm to assist in communication and ensuring our client’s expectations are met.

We recognize the high costs incurred by Japanese companies in procuring American legal services. Our aim is to ensure our clients have the most cost effective and capable legal assistance available without sacrificing the quality of the services provided. 

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