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In-House Legal Support Services

In House Advisory Group provides specialized support services to for legal departments of Japanese companies. We assist in creating and reviewing contracts, drafting agreements, conducting legal research, providing advice on foreign legal matters, negotiating with counter-parties, and ensuring the efficiency and cost effectiveness of foreign legal services. We recognize a dilemma faced by Japanese companies that require foreign legal expertise but are restrained by the high costs of foreign law firms. Our support service is designed to bridge the gap between internal legal department operations and the prohibitive costs of large foreign law firms through providing high quality, efficient, cost effective legal representation.

Contract Review 

Reviewing and revising contracts is one of the most important responsibilities of any legal department. When dealing with customers, partners, and foreign affiliates, it is important to have prompt and accurate assistance based on sound legal positions. We assist in drafting, revising, and negotiating contracts in both English and Japanese, and work efficiently to help your legal department respond to the multifaceted concerns of international contracts. Our service enables legal departments to employ a dynamic virtual workforce to meet fluctuations in demand.

Legal Research and Advice 

Japanese companies operate globally, forcing legal departments to weigh innumerable legal considerations that require precise and definitive answers on matters of foreign law. We provide research and advice on a variety of legal issues including, litigation, cross border transactions, regulations, tax matters, intellectual property, privacy, and general business law. We combine decades of legal experience with a network of legal experts in multiple fields to render prompt and well researched opinions. Our aim is to provide clients with a quick and comprehensive analysis to help them make informed, confident decisions.


Intermediary Service

In communicating and negotiating with foreign counter-parties, and even outside law firms, there are often difficult language and cultural barriers to overcome. For legal matters, it is vital to communicate effectively with full knowledge of the opposing language and legal system. We act as an intermediary for our clients, communicating effectively in both English and Japanese, ensuring that you are clearly informed and represented while negotiating agreements, managing relationships, and preparing important correspondence.

Auditing and Managing Foreign Legal Services 

Japanese legal departments frequently require the assistance of multiple law firms and associated services. These services, while necessary, are often very expensive and operate with varying levels of efficiency. We work on behalf of our clients to audit legal bills and assist in communication with foreign firms to ensure the most efficient and affordable services possible. We implement task code billing systems empirically proven to reduce costs and improve transparency. We also assist in screening and selecting counsel for any legal specialty potentially required by a Japanese company operating overseas.

Our In House support services are tailored to each client’s budget and needs. We recognize the tremendous responsibility law department manager’s face in overseeing global operations. Our aim is to work together seamlessly with your legal department to help create the most effective legal framework for your business.

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